The Sweetgrass school Part time childcare

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What age children can attend The Sweetgrass School?

A: Children ages 10 weeks – 5 years can enroll at The Sweetgrass School. The cut-off birth date for PreK enrollment at The Sweetgrass School is August 31, 2012.


Q: What are the rates for The Sweetgrass School?

A: Tuition & Rates can be found on the Registration & Enrollment page.


Q: How will I know about my child’s day-to-day activities?

A: The Sweetgrass School provides parents with a detailed daily report of their child’s day. This will include information about the day’s learning activities, the child’s eating habits throughout the day, toileting or diapering information, and any other pertinent information. In addition, parents are encouraged to read their child’s classroom monthly newsletter for information on the month’s learning and activities.