The sweetgrass Fulltime childcare

Policies & Safety Procedures


Maintaining an extremely clean facility is a vital component of The Sweetgrass School’s core beliefs concerning child care. Daily cleaning of the environment, including learning materials and surfaces, is thorough and strictly enforced. The Sweetgrass School explicitly teaches and emphasizes healthy habits of hygiene to ALL staff and children and integrates these habits into daily routines.

In addition, The Sweetgrass School does not permit staff or children to attend when ill.


Monitoring the safety of all children attending The Sweetgrass School is paramount. The Sweetgrass School believes in preventative care and all necessary steps are taken at all times to ensure the safety and security of the children under our supervision. Safety measures include cameras in all classrooms, exterior security doors, an alarm system, and the use of the ProCare check in/out system. All staff members of The Sweetgrass School are professionally trained to be alert and proactive and to follow all policies regarding care and supervision of our school’s children.

Staff Qualifications

As required by the State of South Carolina’s child care licensing department, all employees of The Sweetgrass School must possess at least a high school diploma or GED, have a minimum of 6 month’s experience working with children,  pass health screenings, and pass state and federal background checks.

In addition to the criteria set forth by the state, The Sweetgrass School strives to employ individuals who have a genuine love of teaching children, a high quality educational experience, and the belief that all children can learn. In order to maximize our potential, The Sweetgrass School provides training, professional development opportunities, and administrative support to all of its employees.

Teacher: Child Ratios

The Sweetgrass School prides itself on providing high-quality child care, which to us includes teacher: child ratios that are lower than those mandated by the state.